Accademia dei Studiosi

The goal of the Accademia dei Studiosi is to nurture a vibrant educational community in a way which fosters continual growth. In addition to offering a diverse core curriculum, all degrees are subject driven so that students may follow their interests as desired.Accademia

“Disce! Doce! Partire!”

Upon completion of 20 credit hours of Core classes from 10 different subject areas, and 20 hours in any specific subject, the student will receive a degree token. Any student who has earned a degree shall be named a Scholar and have their name submitted to the Kingdom Order of Precedence.


      The Accademia has several campuses, each being comprised of a geographic territory and the branches therein. Because the campuses have no legal status as geographic entities, all sessions must be hosted by an official kingdom branch. The campuses are:

            Northern: the Columbia River north to the Barony of Glymm Mere
            Central: the Columbia River south to the Principality of The Summits
            Summits: All lands within the Principality of The Summits
                  • Armor, weapons, war, and combat
                    • Fiber, clothing, and needle arts
                    • Fine arts
                    • Foods and their cultures
                    • Games and recreation
                • Heraldry
                • Literature
                • Living and working spaces
                • Medieval history
                • Performance arts
                • Persona development
                • Pure sciences
                • Renaissance history
                • SCA 101
                • Scribal hands, tools, and illumination
                • Social customs and etiquette